Benefits of Using NeckPro® II

  • Promotes relaxation
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Reduces, if not eliminates, the need for costly pain medication
  • Aids in returning to normal sleeping habits
  • Reduces the effects of aging on the spine due to gravity
  • Aids in returning normal neck mobility, flexibility and range of motion
  • May postpone or eliminate surgical intervention for cervical disc disease
  • Aids in returning the spine to its anatomical posture

Advantages of Using NeckPro® II

  • Simple, easy, effective, portable & affordable
  • No assembly required. No cumbersome weights, waterbags or pulleys
  • Most user-friendly cervical traction unit available
  • Head and neck are not locked in one position but remain free allowing rotation and extension concurrent with traction to achieve maximum mobility and relaxation. The ratcheting mechanism enables incremental adjustment of the tension without having to dismantle and reassemble the unit.
  • Tension is directed unilinear and is referenced by an audible signal or clicking sound of the ratchet mechanism.
In summary, for those individuals who have no medical condition to prevent its use and have the noted conditions that will benefit from cervical traction, the NeckPro II will provide these positive realities.


The NeckPro® II works with a simple
"Click. Click. Click."
The gentle, relaxing consistent pull
of the NeckPro II starts providing
relief almost immediately.
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