Symptomatic pain relief for the following conditions associated with neck pain:

  • Disc Herniation (Bulging disc)
  • Pinched nerve
  • Upper extremity numbness and or radiating pain
  • Cervical Radiculopathy
  • Whiplash (neck sprain/strain) and muscle spasm
  • Osteoarthritis (degenerative disc disease) Headache, fibromyalgia and sleeplessness (insomnia) arising from stress & muscle tension in the muscles of the neck, shoulders and upper back causing chronic neck pain and stiffness

You have severe osteoporosis, cancer of the bone or metastatic cancer, congenital spine deformity, panic disorder, unstable or fracture of upper spine, worsening of your pain or condition, spinal cord injury, fusion of cervical vertebrae, temporomandibular joint disorder, or if your symptoms are in any way related to fever or infection.


The NeckPro® II works with a simple
"Click. Click. Click."
The gentle, relaxing consistent pull
of the NeckPro II starts providing
relief almost immediately.
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